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Company History

Year 1993
·The company was established in Shenzhen, engaged in fiber-optic cable TV business.

Year 1994
· Built China's first 750MHz optical cable transmission system (Dongguan)。

Year 1995
· Introduced the 59PAL-D channel Matrix automatic test system.
· The first domestic 550MHz optical receiver.

Year 1996
· The first to introduce 750MHz optical receiver.

Year 1997
·Optical transmitter predistortion technology.
· Introduced 110 NTSC Matrix Matrix Signal Source.
· Launched an economical optical transmitter.

Year 1998
· Undertake the national "863" erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) project.
· Launched fiber-to-building four-port optical receiver.

Year 1999
· Launched the "Fiber to Home" Home Optical Receiver for the North American Market (PTR1111).
·Introduction of intelligent plug-in optical transmitter.
· Launched network management software and hardware.

Year 2000~2003
· Launched four-port high-level optical workstation.
· Launched dense back-transmitting optical receiver.
· Launched IP access network equipment such as Ethernet optical switches.

Year 2000~2004
· Established a strategic partnership with Harley, the world's largest cable TV manufacturer.
·Become the largest partner of BKtel in Germany in China.

Year 2005
·Developed BPON products.

Year 2006
· Launched EOC products based on HomePLUG。

Year 2007
· Launched EPON series products.

Year 2009
· Launched GEPON series products.

Year 2010
· Launched based on HomePLUG AV INT64 series EOC products.

Year 2011
· Launched 1550nm direct dimming transmitter.

Year 2012
· Launched FTTH desktop optical receiver.
·Feitong Software IT integrated operation and maintenance management system, IT process service management system registered and certified by national authorities.

Year 2013
·Feitong HFC network management system PTN9210 registered and certified by the national authority.
· Launched the HomePLUG AV AR74 series EOC products.

Year 2014
· Launched "ONU+EOC+Optical Receiver" three-in-one product.

Year 2015
· Launched "ONU+CMC+Light Receiver" three-in-one new product.

Year 2016
· Satellite optical transmitter, optical receiver, fully provide FTTX optical access system solution.

Year 2017
· Launched dual-mode ONU and passed the national high-tech enterprise qualification。

Year 2018
· Officially launched GPON OLT & ONT series products。

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